Using Ricoh Theta

You can import photos and videos taken with the 360 degree camera ” RICOH THETA ” (sold by Ricoh) into the STYLY editor.

How to upload photos:

Transfer the 360 ​​degree photograph taken with the RICOH THETA series (hereinafter referred to as THETA) to the browser that has the STYLY editor open.

Click on Assets in the upper left corner of the STYLY editor screen.

Press Image / Gallery.

Press Select to select the 360 ​​degree photo you want to upload.

When you can select it, press Upload.

When the green gauge is full, the upload is complete. Now press Next.

We will move on to the next page to select a frame for the uploaded image.

Select 360 Sphere Image.

The 360 ​​degree image is now inserted into the STYLY editor.