[4] Editing a Scene

Next let’s place “objects” into the scene you created. We call the objects that you can arrange in the scene “assets”. Using the editor screen, you can arrange various objects in the scene and create your own VR space. Initially, the editor screen looks like the following image.

First of all let’s try adding a sky box to the scene. Please click the “Assets” button in the top left-hand corner of the screen and open the asset selection screen.

Once the asset item list is displayed, please click on 3D models.

When the list of 3D Model assets pops up, look for “Skybox Day BlueSky Nothing” and click on it.

Once this is done a blue sky will be shown in the background!

Next, let’s try placing an ocean and a tree in the scene. Select “WaterProDayTime” in the 3D Model asset list and in a similar manner please also select “Tall Tree” to place it in the scene.

Once you successfully place the items, you should have a screen like the following one.

An ocean and a tree have been placed in the scene. You can move the tree around freely. To do this, first click on “Tall Tree” in the left hierarchy window to select it, and then drag one of the arrows on the arrow gizmo to move the asset parallel to that direction.

In the VR editor, you can translate your viewpoint by holding down right click and dragging, and can rotate your viewpoint by holding down left click and the Alt at the same time and dragging in any direction. Use the mouse wheel to zoom in and zoom out.

To view a more detailed user guide in the editor screen, please see the “STYLY Basic Guide” section.