Side Button

In this section the functions of the side button on the right side of the STYLY editor will be explained. It has functions related to such things as assets and camera operations.

(1) Global Button

The global button changes the axis into a reference for rotating or enlarging assets. When the button is ON, rotations and enlargements are performed based on the scene’s axes. When the button is OFF, rotations and enlargements are performed using axes relative to the asset.

(2) Change Function

Every time you click the button it changes what you can do with your assets. “Move” mode allows you to move an asset, “rotate” mode allows you to rotate an asset and similarly “scale” mode allows you to enlarge/shrink an asset.

(3) Reset Position

Resets the camera to the VR Start Position. The VR Start Position is the position that becomes the initial viewpoint when starting up VR mode.