[#12] Creating Second Gun Controller

The last stage in game creation process before we export to STYLY is creating the controller for the left gun. This is very easy however, as it will use all of the same logic as the right gun controller with only a few minor tweaks here and there. First of all, duplicate gunController_R by selecting it in the Scene Hierarchy and then right click on it to find Duplicate in the drop-down menu.

Rename the duplicated object gunController_L.

In gunController_L’s setup state, change the object we are locating in the Find Game Object action to Controller (left).

Then in the events tab, change Global_TriggerPressDown_R to Global_TriggerPressDown_L and Global_TriggerPressUp_R to Global_TriggerPressUp_L.

With that we are done with the main game tutorial! Congratulations! All that is left before you can enjoy your game in VR is to upload it to STYLY!