[#11] Stage

In this game we will be using a circular stage floating in the sky.

First, find the floor segment located in your myUnityAssets folder and drag it onto the PlayMaker Tutorial Game object to set it as a child.

Next click on floor_segment and go to the Inspector window, where you should add a Rigidbody component with Use Gravity unchecked but Is Kinematic checked. This will keep the stage floating in the air, and will stop it from being affected by forces upon collision with the bullets, however will still allow to register collisions with the object in the game and cause them to bounce off of it.

Also make sure to set the floor_segment’s scale to 10, 10, 10.

Finally, set the floor_segment’s Y Position Transform to -2.62. This will place it at a good height relative to the viewer’s head in VR, so it looks like they are standing on the stage.