Introduction to Shuriken

In this tutorial we will introduce the Shuriken Particle System in Unity that you can use to add awesome particle effects to any objects you create! We will be creating a flame from scratch using a single particle system. The Shuriken Particle System has many different parameteres and settings that can all be tweaked to get your particle system looking just right. However, for the purposes of this tutorial will will not go over each and every one. Instead, we’ll explain the important parameters and give you the tools you need to create simple but stunning particle systems of your own. Throughout this tutorial, we will give you the correct values for each parameter so that your flame looks just right. However, we encourage you to experiment with the values and test their extremes in order to understand how each setting affects the particle system.

Here is the link to the image of the flame we will use in this project:

First of all, create a new Unity project and name it Shuriken Particle System Tutorial.

Now open the project and navigate to the Game Object menu, in which you will find the Particle System option. Click on this to add a particle system to your hierarchy.

Upon doing this you should immediately see particle appear in your scene, something like what you see in the image below:

If you don’t see any particle for whatever reason, select the “Normal” option from the small menu to the far right of the Inspector tab.

You should also see a Particle System drop-down menu in the Inspector. This is where we will perform the majority of our editing of the particles, from their shape to their color and velocity.