STYLY Doesn’t Open Properly

If STYLY does not start up properly, or when problems such as not loading while reading in progress occur, the following causes are possible:

1) When using a browser other than Google Chrome

STYLY recommends using Google Chrome. Styly is tested primarily on Google Chrome, so we recommend downloading and trying Google Chrome.

2) When operating on iOS

Since STYLY does not support iOS, please use a terminal equipped with Windows or macOS.

3) When using 32 bit Windows PC

When using STYLY 64-bit PC is targeted, so you can not use 32 bit PC. Please note.

4) Internet speed

Since STYLY deals with 3D data, the data capacity to read is relatively large, and it may take longer to read than a normal Internet site. We recommend working in an environment where Internet speed is sufficiently fast.

5) When using a tablet or touch panel PC terminal

STYLY is designed for us with a PC and mouse. Therefore, please note that you may not be able to move the screen by touching it with your finger.

If none of these options fit your case, please contact our service provider Psychic VR Lab at