Using YouTube

In this section we will describe how to add YouTube videos directly into the VR space. First of all, open up the asset list and then choose “Video”. Next click the YouTube tab in the upper portion of the video upload screen.

Once you do this you will move to the next screen. You can add videos both from URLs and searching for keywords.

Adding a Video from a URL

It is easy to add a YouTube video from a URL. Enter the URL of the video you want to add and the hit the “Insert Video” button. Then, once you select an accessory for the video, it will be added to the 3D space.

Adding a Video by Searching for a Keyword

You can also add a YouTube video by searching for a keyword. First, enter the keyword into the field below.

The related videos will then be displayed in a list.

If you click “Play on Youtube” a new browser window will appear and you can view the video there. In order to add the video into the 3D space click “Insert this video”.

Then the video can be displayed in the 3D space by selecting an accessory in the same way as a normal video.